About the Baker

Sergio Ramirez

I started baking in 1989 when I arrived to this country. My first job was with Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, also known as “Cake Boss” today. During that same time I was also working at a restaurant. After working in restaurants and bakeries for a couple of years, I noticed my passion for working with dough, cakes and cookies was greater than working in restaurants, so I left the restaurant and stayed with Carlos Bakery. After three years. I left Carlos Bakery and moved on to Park Pastries, where I began to work with them the first day they opened. We started very small with a single oven, but with a lot of effort, the bakery grew exponentially in wholesale and we ended up having five trucks for making deliveries. I worked there for 10 years, however, after 9/11, the shop closed its doors due to the economic crisis. We lost 35% of the business in one day; a few weeks later, another 25% and a lot of our retailers went bankrupt, and Park Pastries came to a close. I went to work at Balthazar Bakery, a well-known wholesale bakery, where I made many different kinds of French-style bread and pastries. After ten years, I left Balthazar and moved on to La Bonbonniere Bake Shoppes while I also attended trade school for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). After graduating and receiving my certification, I noticed my passion for baking was greater than my desire to pursue a career in HVAC, so after working for three years at La Bonbonniere, I moved to Atlanta with the intention of starting my own bake shop. Over time, I met Matthew, and after talking with him about baking, he suggested we work together, and after a couple months, BRASELTON FINE BAKERY was born.